Alabama Ingersoll Shale Article featured on the cover of Palaios Journal

Many of you will remember our January speaker, Terry Knight, a grad Palaios Journal coverstudent at Auburn University, who spoke on fossils from the Ingersoll Shale in the Eutaw Formation of east-central Alabama. The 2006 dig was organized and coordinated by Patrick Sean Bingham, also a grad student at Auburn University at the time. Several BPS members were fortunate enough to visit the dig site one day and assist with the project. Their research made the cover of the June 2008 issue of Palaios Journal.

Character and Genesis of the Ingersoll Shale, A Compact Continental Fossil-Lagerstätte, Upper Cretaceous Eutaw Formation, Eastern Alabama
by P. Sean Bingham, Charles E. Savrda, Terrell K. Knight, and Ronald D. Lewis
PALAIOS 2008 23: 391-401

The full article requires a subscription, but there is a free abstract available. Terry provided the preliminary cover page which has impressive images of some of the fossils being researched. (Click on thumbnail, then click again to enlarge.)