Coosia superba

February 5, 2005 - Cambrian Fossils, Cherokee Co, AL

Our January trip was delayed a week, due to the ice storm that hit the eastern part of Alabama on our scheduled day. Just a week later, it was a very nice, sunny day, with a slight breeze coming off Weiss Lake. Isn't this Alabama weather wonderful! If you don't like the current weather, just wait a few days!

This year we decided on a boat trip to a new, uncollected area of the lake, where everyone found a plentiful supply of trilobites. The water level was up higher than expected, due to the recent rain, but

January 24, 2004 - Cambrian Fossils, Cherokee Co, AL

For the first time in many years it was warm and the sun was shining at Weiss Lake in NE Alabama instead of snowing or sleeting, resulting in a turn-out of 17+ members.

Our first stop was at a new site exposing nodules from the shale of the Conasauga Fm, Dresbachian stage, late Cambrian approx. 515 million years old. Here we found over 20 "Brooksella" which are believed to be the internal mold of a "primitive jellyfish". The most that anyone can remember finding on any trip were 3, so everyone got at least one specimen.
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