February 7 and 8, 2009 Mississippian Fossils, NW Alabama, various sites

BPS members gathered in NW Alabama for a full weekend field-trip  February 7 and 8.   We couldn't have begged, pleaded or prayed for better weather!  Since we were slogging through a great deal of mud culling for Mississippian fossils, the unseasonal warmth was a treat!  Lots of conglomerate "collections" were found, featuring the remains of archimedes, brachiopods and crinoids.

July 31, 2005 - Pennsylvanian Fossils, Walker Co, AL

BPS members visited a new site this month in Walker county. A starfish had been discovered on the scouting trip, so the group was hoping to find more specimens. This roadcut exposed Pennsylvanian shale which contained a small amount of plant material, including impressions and casts, and a layer containing several nice slabs of starfish
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