May 26, 2001 - Greene Co, AL

BPS members collected in a Greene County, Alabama creek. At this Cretaceous site, we found numerous shark and ray teeth and some fish vertebrae.

November 26, 2000 - Cretaceous Fossils - Macon Co, AL

The publication of Jim Lacefield's new book, "Lost Worlds in Alabama Rocks: A Guide to the State's Ancient Life and Landscapes" led the BPS to this new site for a field trip this month. In previous BPS field trip reports, I have noted the abundant plant fossils that we have found at various surface mines in Walker and Jefferson Counties. These sites include plants from the Coal Age in Alabama, dating back to about 310 million years. It was interesting, therefore, to learn from Jim's book that it was possible to find plant fossils in Alabama from a much later period, the Cretaceous period.

July 1, 2000 - Cretaceous Fossils, Sumter Co, AL

This report (installed on Sept. 27) is late because of the month-long trip to South Africa that I took from mid-July to mid-August. As a result, I can only roughly describe what the BPS did this day. There were three sites in Sumter County that were visited, all well-known and previously visited by the BPS.

February 21, 1999 - Sumter & Marengo Co, AL

Richard Thurn of the University of West Alabama led the group of 18 members on an excellent day-long field trip to several sites in Sumter and Marengo counties. He started the day inside with a showing and explanation of the various fossils in the display cases at the science building on the campus of the University. The next


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