June 13, 2002 - New Hanover Co, NC

Again this year, a number of BPS members visited several mines near Wilmington, North Carolina, the beach, and a shell pit a number of miles inland. We spent extra days there, from June 13 - 16. We found a good quantity of shark teeth and echinoids, and also found litterally thousands of shells.

Thanks to Ashley for setting up this multi-day excursion to a number of sites. It was a very interesting trip, and I hope the young student whom Ashley brought along contacts me sometime. Am very interested in how your life is going these days!


(Pictures courtesy Vicki Lais)

One of the quarries.

Most of the gang.

Ken diligently searching the shell piles.

Martha and her bucket of treasures.

Shell piles dug up while digging the canals seen in the picture. This is about 50 miles inland.

Vicki and some of her treasures.