April 19, 2003 - Butler Co, AL

BPS visited a new location in Butler County this month for our field trip.  The creek was shallow, making screening and hiking in the creek particularly easy.  A number of shark teeth were found, including Odontipus robusta, scapanorhynchus and odontaspis elegans, and bones and teeth that we really wanted to pass off as fossils.  Unfortunately, they were recent, from the wild pigs that roam on the property.  On the ridge above the creek was a "bald" area composed of limestone where a number of nautiloids (Centroceras marcellensis), gastropods (Lophospira milleri), sea biscuits (Clypeater rogersi), conglomerate material containing numerous Turritella, oyster and other shells were found.  We hope to go back to a different site on this same property later in the summer when the roads and creek are drier. 

(Photos courtesy Ron Beerman & Greg Mestler.)



A nice gastropod found on the "bald" hilltop.