May 31, 2003 - Cretaceous Fossils, Greene Co, AL

BPS visited a new Cretaceous location in Greene County. First was a very interesting drive and hike through a pasture of high grass. Once we got to the creek, walking was easy, and numerous shark teeth were found in the sand and gravel bars. The creek was very clean, and filled with pea gravel. We found that doing surface searches for fossils was much more productive than screening. The best find of the day was a large mosasaur vertebra. The group did not roam far up or down the creek, as it was so productive right where we started. An opportunity waiting for next time. Afterwards, a couple of members checked out a gully site on the same property, finding numerous oyster shells, then proceeded on to Epes. The white chalk bluffs on the river had called to us for several years, so Leisa took her canoe, and we surveyed some of the closer ones. Later we collected several nice samples of marcasite.

(Photos courtesy Greg Mestler and Vicki Lais.)