August 23, 2003 - Butler and Covington Co, AL

BPS did a return trip to Butler County this month.  South Alabama had a lot of rain this year, and the creek looked very different from our previous trip; also, the water was much higher this time.  A number of nice teeth were found, nautaloids, and small gastropods on the ridge.  The best entertainment for the day was watching Claire spin her way up the mountain, after getting stuck in the very soft, wet clay/chalk.

Several of us proceeded on south to Point A Dam for the late evening.  The water was being released, so the normal collecting area was underwater, however, Claire found a new area that was very productive.

Searching on the ridge for nautiloids and gastropods.

Playing in the sand.  Creek is much higher than on our last trip.

Steve had some good finds screening.

Robert found a nice nautiloid.

Another view of the nautiloid, being held by Kate.

A beautiful arrowhead was found.

Jonathan found a very nice piece of incised pottery.

Becky looking at her finds.

Unexpected entertainment for the day as we were leaving.  This is looking downhill.  Kate got the "6 Flags" ride of the day with Greg in his 4-wheel drive.

But the best entertainment was cheering for Claire as she took many tries to overcome the clay, finally made it out with the help of Steve.  As you can see, she and Big Blue finally made it out safely.