November 22, 2003 - Dallas Co, AL

This month BPS did several stops in Dallas County. None of the sites were prolific, but each site was easily accessible. At our first stop, a mosausaur bone had been discovered on the scouting trip, so Steve and Greg spent most of their time excavating the bones on top that were weathering. Three bones were collected, though it appears there is more in the bank. The bank was covered, and will be checked on our next trip down. At stop #2, several members found shark teeth, not many, but more than I've sometimes collected in an entire days collecting at other gully locations. Stop 3 produced numerous exogira, and stop 4 was just a short stop at the end of the day, to see if there were crabs in a new creek location. And indeed there were.

Those toe touches will wear you out. . . But those shark teeth sure are worth it!

Steve and Greg excavating the mosasaur bones.