December 20, 2003 - Franklin Co, AL

Our activity for December was the annual BPS Holiday Party, this time held at the home of Judy and Bill Lewis.  They are fabulous hosts, and have a house built for entertaining.  Their numerous trips to exciting locations around the world, and the treasures they have collected made for interesting conversations.  Also, a number of members greatly enjoyed the pool table downstairs!   Bill was in for a surprise.  He hasn't been attending outings or meetings, but discovered that his favorite hobby, fly fishing, was shared by most of the men attending.  He also found out many of our sites are found on fishing trips - I suspect we have another convert!

There was no official BPS outing this month, but several members participated in a "Scouting Outing".  We took boats back to Franklin county, and scouted numerous spots around the lake.  Some nice finds, but from debris piles, saw marks, and 4 wheeler tracks, it appears that there has been some serious collecting going on around this lake.  One site that had been scouted about 3 years ago as a promising site, was virtually void of fossils now.

Some common fossils found around the lake are shown below.

(Photos courtesy Vicki Lais) 


Gastropod and ostrocods.

So much lakeshore, so little time....

So where do we go next, guys?

A wonderful day of exploring.  Had fun.  Goodbye - see you next time!