March 13, 2004 - Mississippian Fossils, Morgan Co, AL

We began our field trip for this month at a quarry in Jefferson County, to view specimens in the quarry classroom.  Then we caravaned to the collecting site in Morgan Co, AL (except Vicki, who was talking so much to Bill and Adelle that she failed to see everyone else passing her on the interstate ...)

We had a wonderful day of collecting, beautiful weather and great turnout.  We went to a new spot in the quarry, in addition to the site from last year.  Collecting is in the Mississippian Period (340-310 mya), in a very hard limestone.  Every member had great finds, including crinoids (including arms and calyxes), blastoids, brachiopods, coral, and sharks teeth (believe it or not!).  Proper prep work will make these specimens stand out beautifully.

(Photos courtesy Steve Corvin, Bill Cunningham, Vicki Lais)

members standing in front of quarry
We're ready!

Inside education building, viewing the display.
members in education building

View of the Tarrant quarry.

BPS members searching in the boulder piles.

collecting fossils in quarry

collecting fossils in quarry

Was it worth all the searching?  We think so.  Nice crinoid.
fossil crinoid

Rock filled with crinoids and blastoids found by Vicki.  Click rock for larger image. fossil crinoids

Typical fossils found at this site.
fossil crinoid, blastoid, coral