April 17, 2004 - Cretaceous and Pleistocene Fossils, Greene Co, AL

This creek site in Greene County, AL is characterized by large quantities of pea gravel, filled with numerous shark teeth, and the occasional mosasaur vertebra. Going east along the creek one is in Pleistocene age material, while going west moves one through an area of Mooreville Chalk (Cretaceous).

A number of teeth from the Goblin shark and crow shark were found by all. (See the July, 2003 trip report for details on these sharks, and more on the geology of this site.)

(Photos courtesy Vicki Lais)
BPS members at creek

hands holding fossils, turtle

fossil collectors

Ann collecting in creek
Ann and her bag of treasures.

Nancy showing ptychodus
Nancy showing off her ptychodus tooth.

miscellaneous shark teeth
Vicki dumped her bag to show what she had collected so far. A number of shark teeth, some in matrix, bone fragments, and several "interesting unknowns".

collecting fossils by creek
How many hours do you think Claire and Ann can do this?

side stream in gully
A small canyon that proved interesting. A little out of the picture one can see the strata where the teeth and pea gravel have been deposited in the bank.

climbing into gully
Climbing down into the canyon. (they keep telling me to quit taking pictures of rear ends....)

hiking in gully
Lisa, with Jan and Bobby in the background. Steve was always somewhere way up the creek or way down the creek, and managed to totally avoid the camera.