August 28, 2004 - Cretaceous Fossils, Butler Co, AL

August found the group once again at a Butler County, Alabama site. A number of gastropods, nautiloids, shark teeth, turritella, and broken pieces of pottery were found on this private property which has become one of our favorite spots.

(Photos courtesy Vicki Lais)
fossil gastropod
One of the first items found. Forgot to put a scale in the photo, but this gastropod is approximately 4 inches long.

fossil gastropod

fossil gastropods
These tiny round gastropods are common on the ridge. Turritella, bivalves and worm tubes are also found, but are not as common.

cooling off on the fossil trip
Boy, was it hot on that ridge! Let's go to the creek! Becky, Carolyn, and Nancy

preparing for the fossil collecting
Getting ready for the hunt.

collecting fossils in the creek
Ramsey and Sarah get started.

collecting fossils in the creek
Leah and others heading up the creek.

collecting fossils in the creek
Bobby sifting through the gravel.

fossil gastropod
Nice gastropod.

collecting fossils in the creek

Some of the troops head downstream. . . .

collecting fossils in the creek

While others (Wes and Jeff) decided to stay put for a while.

collecting fossils in the creek
Claire and Nancy find a good spot for lunch way upstream.

Nice artifacts found by Jeff and Wes.

fossil nautiloid
Small nautaloid.

fossil gastropod and coquina
Samples from Vicki's bag.