August 21, 2021 - Cretaceous - Greene County, Alabama

On August 21, 2021, BPS took a trip to a Cretaceous creek in Greene County, Al.  Despite a high percentage prediction for rain, a group of 19 people took the chance that the rain would not stop an eagerly anticipated chance to collect fossils.  For most of the day, that gamble paid off.  Though the water was a little deep in places, the gravel bars that were present gave everyone the chance to sift, dig, surface collect and generally enjoy the summer weather in a south Alabama creek.  
As collectors began to perform their favorite method of collecting, fossils were found.  There were lots of Hamulus tubes picked up, some barnacles (Arcoscalpellum) found, Enchodus teeth, shark teeth, bone and turtle shell fragments, and a very interesting tooth (Protosphyraena) that was a very exciting find.  Also, a nice mosasaur jaw fragment containing some tooth remnants was found, as well as a mosasaur vertebra.  And a Native American arrow point.  AND, one of the guests was able to identify a large group of edible mushroom, Chicken of the Woods, which was partially collected and divided among those who wanted to cook and eat it.  Yes, supposedly it looks and tastes like chicken when prepared.  
About mid-afternoon, the thunderstorms broke up the collecting party.  We thought we would try to wait the storm out but, like another recent field trip, the storm had other plans.  Flashing lightning and pelting rain made our decision for us.  Though we all could have stayed a little longer, it was pretty much a perfect day on a really nice creek.