February 1, 2020 - Mississippian, Franklin County, Alabama

Trip number 2, for the win! On Saturday, February 1, 2020, eight BPS members and guests met in a parking lot in Russellville to gather permits, supplies and biscuits before returning to the lake where we had collected just a short time ago. The weather was nearly a repeat with gloomy skies and chilly temps and winds but no one was thwarted in the least. We intended to have a leisurely look along the shore that was so forthcoming last time but had a lucky change of direction instead. A long-time friend/member of BPS happened to spot, collecting on the shore, a local fellow he knew who HAD A BOAT and offered to ferry us across the lake to spots that are not as heavily collected. Yes, PLEASE!!! Several whole crinoids, a couple of trilobite pygidium, a possible large trilobite (on its side) and some nice hash slabs were claimed. When our boat captain had to go, he ferried us to the spot we had originally wanted to visit. We found a few blastoids, horn and other coral pieces, Archimedes, brachiopods, a badly broken shark tooth in matrix, and other fun bits of Mississippian fossil treasure. As the day extended and the wind continued, it was decided to make way back to the cars. At one point, it seemed like maybe more collecting would happen but the appeal of warmth and food overcame the need to collect more. That nice Mexican restaurant in Cullman was beckoning – food and conversation were enjoyed by those who stopped. Even though it was the second trip in short succession, it was a very good day!