July 27, 2019 Cretaceous, Sumter County, Al

On Saturday, July 27, 2019, a much-anticipated field trip took place.  A good sized group of BPS members and guests met at a pre-determined spot in Sumter County and then caravanned to a lovely Cretaceous chalk gully site that has not been surveyed for several years.  Because of a tightly-strung barb wire fence, James made a lovely pair of steps (stiles) for getting the group up and over.  There was reference made to accessing the gullies “in STYLE”.  Funny but not quite time to give up your day job. 

Once in the gullies, searchers immediately found mosasaur and shark teeth, turtle bones, fish bones, clam and crab pieces, shrimp burrows, Hamulus tubes, shark, fish and mosasaur vertebra, and more.  One member found complete turtle skull which James collected for reconstruction.  In another area, James found several pieces of mosasaur bone, jaw and teeth fragments as they were being revealed through the chalk erosion.  There were many interesting fossils (and some non-fossils) found while attendees were searching the gullies.  The heat was a factor, as it usually is in chalk gullies in the summer, but everyone took breaks and kept hydrated so everyone stayed safe and had fun.  Again, I am deeply appreciative of the owners who allowed us access to their property.  I hope I speak for everyone  when I say it was a great day.