June 15, 2019 - Cretaceous, Dallas and Perry County, Alabama

On Saturday, June 15, 2019, a group of BPS members and guests met at a pre-determined meeting spot for a visit/pit stop/supply gather before heading to the field trip destination.  The weather was warm but with slightly lower humidity which was much appreciated.  After a short drive to the site and a short hike to the gullies, James gathered everyone for an informative talk about the age, formation and fossils in the gullies, as well as some collecting etiquette. 

Fossil collectors spread out across the gullies in hopes of findings nice specimens but the gullies weren’t revealing many finds on this day.  Still, not a total shut out, though, with shark teeth, enchodus teeth, fish vertebra, Hamulus tubes, turtle bones, Inoceramus clam fragments, shrimp burrows and other fossils being found.  James checked on some of his previously tagged finds and reinforced them for stability where needed. 

At noon, the group went to the shed for lunch.  It’s always very comfortable there with shade and usually a fresh breeze – just what is needed to recharge the biological batteries!  At that point, too, everyone has an opportunity to compare fossil finds and have them identified.  Then, after a pleasant break, it’s time to move to the second part of the day – the creek!

Just a short drive away, there’s a lovely, shady creek with Cretaceous fossils that are slightly older than the fossils found in the chalk gullies we’d just visited.  There are usually gravel bars by the creek access point but the ever-flowing water moved the gravel from the usual places.  James hiked overland to find a sizable gravel bar for the group to screen.  Everyone was able to find very nice shark teeth as well as gastropod casts, ammonite and baculite segment casts and other fossil and non-fossil pieces.  It is a special place and will remain one of my favorite trips.