June 22, 2024 - Cretaceous - Perry County

It was a gorgeous day to hunt fossils, and a hot one! Fortunately for us, the site we all visited had overhanging trees over the creek providing shade and pretty much dropped the temps to a comfortable range enjoyed by all. The water temp wasn't that bad either. Lots of Cretaceous marine fossils were found, Goblin, Cretolamna, Crow, Ptychodus shark teeth as well as fish teeth (Enchodus and Pachyrizodus) and vertebrates of small fishes. Pieces of Ammonites and Baculites along with other finds that swam the seas of Alabama during the Cretaceous Period. A really nice arrowhead was found by one of our members, the creek does yield a native artifact every now and then? Several mammal teeth were found too, there seems to be a time period overlap of sedimentary stone layer where these fossil are washing out. Makes for a fascinating time line to do some research on the matter? Yours truly, most of the time brings home gravel to search for micro fossils at a later date. This round produced some really nice, tiny teeth from sharks and shellfish! It was a great day for the group of fossil enthusiast who showed up. Many fossils were found and memories of a great day were made!