March 2, 2019 - Mississippian, Morgan County

On Saturday, March 2, 2019, numerous BPS members and guests traveled through the pouring rain to a fairly close limestone quarry to look for fossils.  The rain stopped by the time we reached the rendezvous location but the temperature began to rapidly drop.  That did not deter any of the fossil enthusiasts nor did it deter our hosts, thankfully!

After a brief lecture in safety and collection from the quarry host, we headed out.  The way to the collection site was slick and muddy but no one got stuck.  We parked in the mud, gathered our tools and headed to the spoil piles to find fossils.  And, as usual, we were not disappointed.  This site has plentiful Mississippian fossils – crinoids, blastoids, bryozoans, brachiopods, and horn corals.  Not so plentiful but also present were several genera of shark teeth.  We all had our strategies planned for finding the elusive shark teeth; some even proved successful.  The quarry chaperones again found nice two Petalodus teeth and maybe more than one BPS member found shark teeth also.  And, as an addendum to last year’s trip report, the large, museum-quality slab was collected and moved to the educational building for sharing – well done!!

At about 2:00, we called a halt to the collecting in order to give the indulgent quarry chaperones the rest of their Saturday.  A handful of collectors reconvened at the nearby (still colorful) Mexican restaurant for refueling and good conversation before the trip home.  This site is so very fun and lucrative for collecting.  I know I’ll look forward to the next visit!