March 30, 2019 - Cretaceous, Chilton County, Alabama

On a very pretty March 30, 2019, a great group of BPS members and guests met at a predetermined spot in Chilton County before a much-needed field trip.  On a scouting outing several weeks before, the scouting party ran in to a very chatty and generous landowner.  During a pleasant conversation, permission was granted for the group to access his lovely, winding, gravelly creek.  On the day of the field trip, the temperature had gone up and the water level had gone down, making creek access not only possible but nearly enjoyable. 

The wide gravel bars were covered with small pieces of beautiful permineralized wood.  On some, the colors were spectacular but without much detail while others had nice, identifiable wood grain still visible.  The majority of pieces were under two or three inches but some very large pieces were found by members wading in deeper parts of the creek.  At some point, (not while we were there), a 12-foot permineralized log and a smaller (5’) log was recovered.  Goals!!

It’s usually found that time on the water really builds an appetite and this was no exception.  A little after mid-day, a lunch break was called and the group set off to the nearby small town where there was a tasty Mexican restaurant.  Lunch and conversation were great, as was the trip and day!