March 3, 2018 - Fossil Road Show, Jackson, MS

Dr. George Phillips of the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science in Jackson, Mississippi, held the 15th Annual Fossil Road Show, where various groups from around the south were invited to set up exhibits and help identify fossils.  The BPS exhibit showcased Alabama fossils, and photos of various BPS fossil digs in Alabama.

The mid-day presentation "An Introduction to the World of Tiny Fossils" was by Dr. Mark Puckett of The University of Southern Mississippi.

There were several professional paleontologists assisting with fossil identification.  Dr. David Dockery was quite interested in the collection of tiny shells collected by Vicki on the February 2017 trip to Blue Springs, MS.  He is considered the expert on these shells.  James Lamb of UWA set up a working 3D printer to show how they are used in replicating fossils.  Dr. George Phillips and several other experts were scattered around the venue, helping the public, and enjoying the exhibits.