March 30, 2024 - Cretaceous - Prentiss County, Mississippi

It was a gorgeous day to go creek hunting in Mississippi with BPS! We were the first ones, all seven members there and had the park to ourselves up till around 3ish. The water that morning was freezing cold, but our bodies acclimated to it, and it helped the temperature shot up to 78 degrees! After 3ish, about 20 people showed up to party with us... got a lil' crowded, but most left after an hour. Pictured is my haul for the day, all were found under the bridge where it has been picked over... the secret is ya gotta dig a lil' deeper! Most of the teeth found were Goblin Shark with maybe a Cretolamna and Squalicorax? A tooth that still is in the matrix with blade showing. Another tooth, has the root attached and looks like a Mosasaur tooth? Pieces of bone, broken Gastropod steinkern, Native American pottery sherds with faint designs on them, and the broken shark teeth found as well. What a gorgeous day to hunt for Cretaceous Period fossils for all!