March 31, 2018 - Mississippian Fossils, Morgan Co, Al

On March 31, thirteen BPS members and guests had the pleasure of visiting a working limestone quarry in Morgan County.  The weather was superb, the attendees were enthusiastic and the fossils were everywhere!  The fossils found were primarily Mississippian (Paleozoiz era).  Many crinoid stems and whole crinoids were found as well as blastoids, bryzoans, brachiopods and corals.  There were many nice examples of these fossils and even a "museum quality" slab of whole crinoids that was just too heavy to carry out.  Maybe someone will remember to bring the helicopter next time!

The quarry employees who accompanied us were very helpful and even managed to maintain a positive attitude while giving up a part of their Saturday to be with those of us who love to look for fossils.  One of the employees was lucky enough to find an elusive shark tooth, as did one of the BPS members.  Though we could have stayed much longer, the group ended their searching at 2:00 (as promised) to give the employees the rest of their Saturday afternoon.  After the quarry, the group headed to a nearby Mexican restaurant for good food and conversation.  It was another very enjoyable field trip on a nearly perfect day!