May 18, 2024 - Cretaceous - Greene County, AL

Rain has been forecast all week... today was no exception! A planned fossil hunt for BPS on a creek, to hunt Cretaceous Period marine fossils! 88% chance of rain, and of course Alabama weather can turn on a dime! It turned out to be a gorgeous, pleasent day for the most part, and surprisingly the water levels weren't that bad either considering all the rain we'd been getting! The entire area down there had hordes of cicadas making their distinctive shrill in the background and it got deafening at times, dropping in the water after mating and floating by us while sifting for fossils. What a way to make an exit from this planet after spending 17 years underground, pupate, find a mate, create more of your kind to go underground, and die within 24 hours. Anyhoo, awesome fossils were found by all! Mosasaur, fish and shark vertebrate, fish and shark teeth! One of our members found a 2-inch Cretoxyrhina! Mosasaur and Enchodus jaw pieces and lots of teeth and other marine fossils were found by to others... what a beautiful day it turned out to be! The day was enjoyed by all ten members who made the trek to the creek!