November 1-2, 2008 - Cretaceous and Tertiary Fossils - Butler County

If you wanted a day/weekend out in the woods, you couldn't have custom-ordered more perfect weather or a more perfect spot to enjoy the outdoors.   A small group of BPS’ers set out for Butler County to a site owned by a member’s relatives.  They kindly let us in there at least once a year and a big THANK YOU goes out to them from BPS.    We use the word “intrepid” a lot to describe our membership, but, what else can you say when you see people wading up to “there” in icy-cold water on a Fall day?  Lots of tiny shark-teeth were found, along with a very tiny ray tooth, numerous pieces of cochina stone, a variety of shells, including gastropods and bivalves, and a few very weathered nautiloids.  Also of interest for many of us are the native American artifacts we always find at this location. Several pottery sherds were found, some with excellent examples of incised designs.

Then it was time to chill out…literally, as the day wore down the temperature started dropping.  But what a better time than a nippy Fall evening for a bonfire and cooking out?  The overnighters got tents and vans set for the night and turned in.   

With the arrival of morning, the smell of breakfast and the sounds of fellow-campers stirring got all but the most determined late-sleepers up and going.  Most stayed for the day.  Nancy decided that a flat tire, a broken water-bottle, bee sting, and an uneasy tummy perhaps meant a message from the camping gods to head back to civilization.

Those who stayed for the day hiked along the dirt roads near the creek, and later rode in Big Blue to a different location on the property where a canal had been dug in the distant past, and rocky debris had been tossed to the side, creating a mound of rocks.  Many of the rocks were filled with fossil shells.

A great weekend under the stars, hiking in a beautiful clear creek, and spending time out in the clean Fall air!  Who could ask for anything more?

Photos courtesy Claire Smith and Vicki Lais