October 15, 2019 Teacher Workshop, Sumter County, Al

The teacher workshop was held at the University of West Alabama in Livingston this year due to weather issues.  It was taught by professors from the University of West Alabama and geologists from the Geological Survey of Alabama.  There was a full classroom of students, including several BPS members who attended as students.  Other BPS members provided assistance in the workshop and behind the scenes with food preparation and clean-up, and also set up the BPS traveling fossil display. 

Although the attendees were confined indoors due to an all-day rain, buckets of material from a Bashi site that is no longer available were provided by one of the instructors. It was chock full of tiny, almost perfect fossils. One of the workshop tasks was for the students to research available fossil documentation to identify their specimens.  Students were very engaged and actively involved in the lab project, and no one had to get muddy boots.  After the classroom activities were completed, most of the group left to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Black Belt Museum.