September 28, 2019 - Cretaceous, Perry, Al

On Saturday, September 28, a sizable group of BPS members and guests got together to take advantage of the unseasonably hot weather to visit a favorite creek in Perry County.  After a stop at a local burger restaurant that served very tasty biscuits, we caravanned to the site – off-roading a little bit at the end.  The dry weather was definitely in our favor there! 

This particular creek has historically been loaded with fossils but, due to the recent drought, was a little less forthcoming with fossil finds.  Not to be daunted by the circumstances, the trip attendees found deeper water gravel or searched shallower areas for things that might have been previously missed.  And, that diligence paid off!  Among the finds were 2 (!!) Cretoxyrhina mantelli teeth, other varieties of shark teeth, Ptychodus teeth, oyster shells, a turtle flipper bone, Baculites segments and even some Native American artifacts.  This creek always delivers, even after heavy collecting and little material turnover.  No wonder it’s a favorite location!