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Paleontology and fossil records. Read about fossil finds over the last 10 years starting with the most recent research. Full text, photos.
Updated: 6 hours 31 min ago

Paleontology: New fossil fish genus discovered

8 hours 24 sec ago
Paleontologists have identified a new genus of fossil goby, revealing evolutionary secrets of a lineage that stretches back millions of years.
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Ancient ocean slowdown warns of future climate chaos

8 hours 1 min ago
When it comes to the ocean's response to global warming, we're not in entirely uncharted waters. A new study shows that episodes of extreme heat in Earth's past caused the exchange of waters from the surface to the deep ocean to decline.
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No bones about it: 100-million-year-old bones reveal new species of pterosaur

Wed, 06/12/2024 - 10:33am
New research has identified 100-million-year-old fossilized bones discovered in western Queensland as belonging to a newly identified species of pterosaur, which was a formidable flying reptile that lived among the dinosaurs.
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Tiny new species of great ape lived in Germany 11 million years ago

Fri, 06/07/2024 - 2:15pm
Ancient apes in Germany co-existed by partitioning resources in their environment, according to a new study.
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