Current Projects

Ruffner Mountain Nature Center
BPS members voted in November, 2002 to assist in development of an interpretive trail and educational handouts for the quarry area of the Ruffner Mountain Nature Center. An initial site assessment has been made, and plans are currently being developed, pending funding.

Union Chapel Mine Trackways
This project began in 2000. A number of researchers around the world are using the Trackways Database for various research projects. Please send us an email letting us know how these photos have been of use to you!

Photographs #1-1649, that were in a snapshot of the online database taken on September 1, 2002 are currently REGISTERED to the Birmingham Paleontological Society at the Library of Congress, U.S. Copyright Office in Washington, DC as of July 25, 2003. This document is titled Origins - Union Chapel Mine Photographic Inventory, and consists of Volume 1 and Volume 2. There are approximately 250 pages in each volume, each page containing 4 color images, plus an index in each volume. Researchers or others desiring to use these photos in their own publications or for educational purposes must provide credit for photos as follows (regardless of source):
Copyright (c) 2002 Birmingham Paleontological Society

The links below contains some inaccurate statements. BPS has NOT transferred any copyrights to any other person or organization, nor has BPS changed its name. Photographs as mentioned above are copyrighted by BPS, and permission WAS NOT OBTAINED for publication by anyone associated with the following links:

Union Chapel Mine Monograph

The Photographic Trackways Database

The Final Monograph

UCM Photographic Inventory