February 21, 2009 - Pennsylvanian Fossils, Bibb Co, AL

Well, sometimes things happen unexpectedly.  A call on Monday to the landowner to schedule a field trip for March.  Well, actually he said, the site is ready to be reclaimed.  Next week.  Can you come this Saturday?    Well  . . . .


A slab of graptolites - notice how small the slab really is using the hand as a scale.


Tiny graptolites as seen through a magnifier. They look like pencil markings on the shale.

November 24, 2002 - Bibb Co, AL

This months trip was to a graptolite site in Bibb County, Alabama. This is the Athens Shale formation (Ordovician age). Graptolites are found from the Cambrian to the Carboniferous, and are an extinct group of Paleozoic colonial organisms. They are usually found as thin carbonized films in various shales or limestones.

March 31, 2001 - Bibb Co, AL

BPS members collected at a Bibb county quarry and nearby graptolite site this month.
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