September 22, 2018 - Cretaceous Fossils, Dallas and Perry County, Al.

On Saturday, Sept. 22, a nice-sized group of BPS members and guests gathered in anticipation of

September and October, 2010 - Cretaceous Fossils - Dallas Co, AL

During September and early October, BPS members had several field trips to find fossils and help excavate in the Cretaceous gullies of Dallas County.  Over a period of several days (September 19, 24, 26, October 1, 2, 3) a turtle and mosasaur were excavated.  Also, a number of other fossils were found, including shark teeth, upper and lower Xiphactinus fish jaw with teeth, a variety of shells


shark teeth, fish vertebra, enchodus

Fish vertebra, enchodus tooth and several shark teeth found in the gullies.

July 31, 2010 - Cretaceous Fossils, Dallas and Perry Co, AL

BPS members defied the extreme heat and went to south Alabama to assist in collecting fossils and close down the dig site until the weather cools off some.  A number of mosasaur bones were found, and a mosasaur jaw still containing a tooth.  Other fossils found included shark teeth, shark vertebra, various varieties of fish, turtle bone, and enchodus jaw and teeth.  The thermometer read 110

May 29, 2010 - Cretaceous Fossils, Union Co, MS

This month's trip was to northern Mississippi, where we collected in the Coon Creek formation.  The area was once a bay in the Gulf of Mexico.  This is a Late Cretaceous site, where we found numerous turritella (most in an extremely fragile condition), and even more crab and lobster parts, mostly looking like they had exploded, though several intact "bellies" and a couple of claws w


shark teeth, enchodus, gastropod

A collection of teeth, including shark and enchodus, along with an internal mold of a gastropod.

September 20, 2008 - Cretaceous Fossils, Dallas County, AL

Once again, BPS took a trip south to Dallas county, Alabama, to search in the extensive Cretaceous chalk gullies found there.  This was our last gully trip of the season, since hunting season is about to start, so we were in a frantic hurry to collect the items we had previously flagged, and find as much as we could so it could be preserved, and not get washed down a gully, and potentially los



Enchodus fish tooth and part of the jawbone

August 17, 2008 - Cretaceous - Dallas and Perry Counties, Alabama

Day 1 Friday         Day 2 Saturday         Day 3 Sunday

A weekend trip to the Cretaceous chalk gullies of Dallas County Alabama and a creek in Perry county turned up numerous fossils.  Ancient creatures, including shark, turtle, mosasaur, ptychodus, fish, clam, and ammonite were found during the three day weekend trip.


enchodus tooth

Enchodus tooth still connected to bony part of jaw.


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