Field Trips

 BPS Field trips are held monthly for members and guests to learn more about fossils and how to collect in different environments. Members receive an e-mail telling the date, meeting location, and any special tools or requirements. Members may also access the trip information on this website. All trip attendees are required to sign a trip waiver. If you take pictures on a field trip, please consider providing some of your best photos for the web site!

Fossil field trips brooksella, ammonite, plaster jacket dinosaurAN IMPORTANT NOTE - For those of you who collect in Alabama, please be certain you have proper landowner permission to be on the collecting site. The trips you see here were courtesy of some very kind landowners who gave BPS permission to collect on their property. Individuals are not allowed to return to these sites. Landowner relationships are one of the most important parts of being able to collect in Alabama - please do your part . Also, know that virtually every spot of land in Alabama is owned by someone (even if it looks like a public access place), perhaps by a company, or even state or federal agencies. Many times permits or waivers are required by the landowner. It only takes ONE trespasser to shut down a site. Always collect legally and responsibly!